Hey, it’s shiny around here

[EDIT] So I think I’ve pretty much got things the way I want around here. I’m still playing around with putting in my own background image underneath the diamond wire background from the theme. It’s not all that visible but there’s something about not using my own image on my photography site that bugs me. I think I’ll work on the contact form as well, but it certainly works fine for now. I’ve now got all of the posts updated so they display well on the blog page as well as in their own post, nice and large. All the past links should work as well. Phew. Enjoy. [/EDIT]

So I’m working with a new theme from The Theme Foundry. As it turns out I need to use the regular posting field, and the excerpt field in order to make things look pretty. I’ve updated my 40 newest of 120 posts tonight. You may notice that the timeline view (the home page view) may show only text while the actual post shows only photos. This is what I need to finish “merging.” With any luck I’ll have that finished in the next couple of days and then I’ll edit this post. Night all.

Here’s a photo from a recent trip to Smithers, BC. It’s called Raptor. Yeah, it’s there.