Jasper, AB

I spent last weekend with my beautiful wife in Jasper, AB. We stayed at the always great Japer Park Lodge and had a wonderful time. Most of our time was taken up around the grounds of the hotel as well as a trip to Mt. Edith Cavell and Angel Glacier. Please enjoy some images from Jasper.

Lac Beauvert at Jasper Park Lodge
Lac Beauvert

Mt. Edith Cavel
Mt. Edith Cavell

Angel Glacier
Angel Glacier Trees

Edith Cavell Meadows
Edith Cavell Meadows 2

Edith Cavell Marmott

Lac Beavert Kayaks at Jasper Park Lodge
Lac Beauvert Kayaks

Canoes at Jasper Park Lodge
Lac Beauvert Canoes

Moonlight at Japser Park Lodge
Lac Beauvert Moon


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