Paul and Diane

This is Paul and Diane. They are brave. Or maybe kindhearted. Let’s go with both. They are also getting married.


They asked me to take some engagement photos for them and I agreed. I’m not sure what it is about a portrait session, but it makes me forget how my camera works. Most of the time I know how I want a shot to look. Put a couple of people in front of me with some level of expectation and I’m not sure what happens to my brain.

I pride myself at being good at documenting an event, or anticipating a moment to photograph. Creating the moment is more difficult for me. Thankfully my wife offered to come and help me not forget the little things. Paul and Diane made things easy as well. First off, the camera likes these two. Second, they came in with some ideas and Frances did the rest.

Here are my favourites from our afternoon together. Thanks guys.


Walking away

TallSide by side

Walk on the beach

Laughter - V2

Paul & Diane

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