Wedding Day: The Taylors



Wow, with the help of my wife, I photographed a wedding. This is something that I’ve wanted to try and was very glad that Paul and Diane were kind enough to ask me.

To say that they made this easy on us was an understatement. They were clear about what they wanted and what they didn’t want. They were the easiest going bride and groom I’ve ever experienced. To top it off the camera loves this couple.



What a great day!

It’s even easier to say now – what a great day. A fantastic couple were married and I got to see everything from the front row.

Sure, I felt stress and struggle, but still, what a great day. If we didn’t know the bride and groom as well as we do I could see how a first wedding shoot could have turned out much differently. Their trust in us made a lot of my difficulties seem less serious. When I made a mistake, or needed another shot I didn’t feel uncomfortable letting them know. This is the sort of thing I’ll take with me when working with people I don’t know. Act like you know them, act like a professional and don’t act like you’re perfect. Thanks Paul and Diane.

A related note. My wife was the best traffic cop. There is no way I would have been able to manoeuvre, organize and pose everyone without her eye and help. Thanks Frances.






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