Concrete Cat Canon 7D


Almost 5 months ago our family lost nearly everything we owned in a house fire. We were not able to recover much from the house during the clean up. We ended up finding our iMac, which thankfully, had an intact hard drive. Frances was able to save a piece of her wedding dress and we grabbed a few other odds and ends that were visible. As the clean up was coming to an end the excavator operator ended up finding my Canon 7D. This camera was my first DSLR – until the 7D I was stealing Frances’ Rebel XT. I was excited to see it.

It was done. A lens had broken off in it. It had been out in the rain for a week. But, it was back and I knew what I wanted to do with it. A friend of mine, Matt Heide, has been doing amazing concrete work and I hoped that this would be a good project for him. Matt agreed and I sent him the camera body.

I’ve seen Concrete Cat concrete art. We have a Vesta, Europa and even a Concreep. I knew what it was about, but I wasn’t ready for what I got back. It, I mean, they, are delightful perfect reminders of what was lost.


Yes, that is a red and blue concrete camera. I knew that Matt was going to make this colour and I didn’t think that I would appreciate it. It is so great. Your brain tells you it’s a camera, except that it’s two colours that don’t belong on a camera.


Look at the detail. It’s no wonder your brain is getting mixed signals. Look at the top right of the photo below. You can see the AF-ON label. The magnify symbol is there too.


The black version has already confused a few people. It’s lighter, in colour, than the real version, but without a frame of reference, it’s a camera.


Yep, every word and symbol is visible. The textures look beautiful.


These pieces are so well done that my lenses feel like they would mount if I turned them. Yeah, I got pretty close to twisting.


Thanks so much Matt. You’ve done a great thing for me. I’ll treasure them always.

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