Jasper. 19 years and counting

Frances and I spent a couple of days in Jasper, AB celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary. I am so thankful for Frances and the loving, kind and beautiful wife that she is to me. I certainly don’t make it easy all the time, so yeah, she’s an amazing woman.

The gondola ride. Even though the trip on the actual gondola was my least favourite part of the day it is worth the reward once at the top. I find standing in the middle of the tram and avoiding thoughts of the cable breaking or the car tumbling down the mountain to be very helpful.

Jasper, AB townsiteJasper, AB from Whistlers Mountain – Worth the terror on the gondola :)

Frances-WhistlersFrances at the top of Whistlers Mountain.

While at the top we were treated to a nice heard of goats. They climbed up, the hard way, from just below us and up onto the meadow where we were enjoying the view. Such a fun experience.

On-the-edgeThe goats on their way up the mountain side.

Frances_w_goatsFrances getting some great video of the mountain goats.

Goats-and-mountainThe mountain goats on their way to a place a little less crowded.

Our tradition has been to stay at the Jasper Park Lodge, and again, it was fantastic. We will be back for sure.
The Fairmont Jasper Park LodgeThe Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge looking great in pink.

Such a wonderful place to have so close to us here in Prince George. Thanks, Frances, for 19 wonderful years. I’m so looking forward to the years to come.

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