Glaciers and bears


I took a trip north with my brother-in-law, nephew and son last weekend. We drove from Prince George, BC to Smithers, BC and then on to Stewart, BC. Our first day travel total was 699 kms.

We saw this great little cub on the way to Stewart.


We also saw the Bear Glacier. I’ve learned that this was the backdrop for the movie Insomnia, starring Robin Williams and Al Pacino.


The next day we set out for the Salmon Glacier, north of Hyder, AK. After getting as far as we could we headed back through Alaska and on toward Dease Lake, BC and then to Telegraph Creek, BC. From Telegraph Creek, we went back the way we came and camped just south of Dease Lake for the night. Total second day travel was 680 kms.

The Salmon Glacier. Wow. This thing is huge. Sadly, it is a lot smaller than it once was. This is just a portion of the glacier, it goes a lot further back than pictured here. Quick fact. I’m glad I wasn’t driving on this road – I was a tad nervous more than once.


A little closer up, side view of the Salmon Glacier.


On one of my photo stops Josh decided to go for an impromptu rock climb.


On the way back through to Dease Lake and Telegraph creek we saw bears. Lots of bears. We lost count at 25. Here are couple favourites.



Telegraph Creek was an adventure. The road from Dease Lake is only 112 kms. It is a gravel road. The road goes through the “Grand Canyon of the Stikine”. Again, I was not impressed. We were told that the road becomes mostly impassable after a good rain storm. Wonderful. Needless to say, I didn’t venture out much to explore the terrain. Telegraph Creek is now basically abandoned. There was another vehicle there but we didn’t see anyone around. I can only imagine the history that was created in a building like this church that sits right next to the river.


Our last day took us from Dease Lake to Meziadin Lake for lunch and then back to Prince George. Another 969 kms travelled and a grand total of 2,348 kms round trip. Of all the highway driving we didn’t see a single, non-bear, animal until we were 70kms from home where we saw a couple of deer. We were really hoping to see a grizzly bear, moose, or maybe some caribou, but it wasn’t to be. Still, what a great adventure. I’m really glad I was able to experience just a small part of our amazing province with family.

Here’s a crow that kept us entertained at Meziadin Lake.


Until the next adventure!

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