Return to Hunter’s Basin

It’s been nearly 2 years since I was here. I enjoyed the first hike a lot, and this one even more.
The Hunter’s Basin trail starts just outside of Telkwa, BC. It takes a bit of effort to get there, like crossing a river where the bridge has washed away, but it is well worth it. Here’s a look from afar of where we hiked to.

The start of the hike is about 90 minutes of continuous uphill climbing. Nothing too steep, but nothing flat either. Here we have a group of younger hikers just getting ready to enter the alpine.

Once in the alpine there is a nice little spot to rest beside a waterfall. From there it gets a little more steep and a little harder to walk on the loose shale. There is a section of switchbacks to help or you can go straight up to the top of the basin. Here’s Frances on her way up to the top.

Most of the group are on one side of a little valley heading up to the meadows at the top of the basin. Of course, the kids figured they should take the long way and head up the other side and meet us later. I’m still impressed at how much energy they had on this hike. This is about 3.5 hours into the hike. Once we got to the meadow they just kept right on playing. I was ready for a rest.

The kids weren’t the only ones to have fun though. Scott and his friend had a little boot skiing race on the way up.

Sadly, Scott lost this race :)

At the meadows there are 360° views. Here’s a shot of our group. Yep, that’s a not even 3 month old baby there.

This hike was quite different than most I’ve done. It was a birthday celebration for Scott and Gavin. Not only were we hiking but we were hanging out until sunset. We spent nearly 6 hours in God’s creation and it was fantastic. I worried that we’d get a little bored up there. Time flew by. There was so much to explore. Here are some shots of the views we got enjoy at the top.



At the end of the day we had a little cake, lit some sparklers and enjoyed the sunset. What a day!

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