Provincial Volleyball Live Stream

Doing my best to live stream the ‘A’ BC Boys Volley Provincials from LV Rogers in Nelson, BC.

Nov 22, 2019 at 8:32am Update Cedars will play at 10:30am at the Selkirk College venue. The tournament is providing live streaming at the link below.

It is free to watch live. You can pay to download games after.

BVCS plays at 9:30am at the LV Rogers location but I’m not able to be there to stream it – sorry Smithers :(

We won’t know the second game times until after their morning games. The first games this morning are also best of 5 matches.

Cedars at 12:45pm
BVCS at 1:45 (game is late)
Cedars at 3:00 (warm up started at 3:10)
BVCS at 4:15 (warm ups starting at 4:20, stream up in a bit)
Cedars at 5:30 (warm up on now. Game also a bit late)
BVCS at 6:30

I’ve removed the live stream embed.