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I just love what I can do with my phone.

I've been stuck in Av mode. I'm resolving to use M more this year. My trials so far have been positive so I'm excited for even more control over the outcome of my images.

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Fun with SSDs and Time Machine

I’ve written and rewritten this post a few times. Originally I figured that I’d write up a glowing post about my awesome ExpressCard SSD that is now my boot disk for Snow Leopard. The thing is, as cool as it is, it’s not “game changing” by any stretch. Don’t get me wrong, my MacBook Pro boots very fast. I went from a boot time of over a minute to around seventeen seconds. Applications also launch fast. Most times my application icons don’t bounce in the doc. Photoshop and Aperture only bounce once or twice. It’s just that I don’t spend most of my time booting up or launching apps. Most of my time is spent using the apps after all the speedy stuff has happened. It’s obvious that SSDs will replace spinning platters. I’m just going to wait on Moore’s Law a bit and get a cheap 1TB SSD to keep all of my data. I think my 200+ GB Aperture library will like living on an SSD someday.
SSD 324/365
Now here is my real frustration with moving to this two drive setup on my Mac. Time Machine. Before installing my ExpressCard SSD I made sure my Time Machine back up was up to date and complete. I assumed that I could just pull over any data I wanted on my new setup. That assumption was wrong. Certain files cannot be dragged over due to permission problems. Even using the same user account with the same password I was blocked from coping over my iPhoto and Aperture libraries. This was my own Time Machine backup and I wasn’t really allowed to access it. I spent hours changing permissions and giving my admin password when asked. Nothing worked. I’m sure there are command line unix ninjas who could have fixed this, but sadly, that’s not me.

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