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Gord Downie, Russell Thomas, Fort McMurray, and art

Ten days ago I couldn’t have guessed I’d have a connection to these four things. Sure, I’m a big fan of Gord and The Tragically Hip, and everyone has heard of Fort McMurray. Who the heck is Russell Thomas? Russell works at the United Way in Fort McMurray. Russell is an excellent painter and live …

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Concrete Cat Canon 7D

Almost 5 months ago our family lost nearly everything we owned in a house fire. We were not able to recover much from the house during the clean up. We ended up finding our iMac, which thankfully, had an intact hard drive. Frances was able to save a piece of her wedding dress and we …

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Stocking Shane Lake

Last night I followed a big truck up Cranbrook Hill Road. Once I realized it was full of rainbow trout I knew that they were going to Shane Lake. I was told that the fish actually get “car sick” from being transported. Add to that, differing water temperatures and PH values, the rainbow were not …

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