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TWiT Photo Guest Quest

A few weeks ago I decided to enter the Twit Photo Guest Quest contest. Basically, listeners of the podcast were invited to submit photos for a chance to be on the show. I wasn't so excited about actually being on the show so much as having an amazing group of judges potentially looking at my photographs. The judges were, Frank Doorhof, Art Wolfe, Tamara Lackey, Colby Brown and Zack Arias. This is an amazing group of photographers.

Late last week I found out I was a finalist. I wasn't quite sure what that meant. I'll admit that I was pretty excited. As it turns out there were hundreds of entries. Was that a hundred, or many hundreds? Either way I found out today that I ended up finishing in the top 20. I'm listed in a group of 10 folks after the winning top 10. A part of me figured I had a shot, and a part of me thought that there was no way I'd even get noticed. I'm extremely happy to have been acknowledged by the judges listed above.

Here is the post by Catherine Hall announcing the winners.

Here is the selection of photos I submitted. 500px Guest Quest Portfolio.

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