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Reflection Cubed

A trio of photos of a bay at Tchesinkut Lake, BC. I’ve really enjoyed photographing this location, especially in the fog. I’ve put these three together for a charity auction that will support mission work in Haiti. I’m excited to see these three framed up together.

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Exchamsiks River Provincial Park

I spent the better part of my week on the Skeena and Exchamsiks Rivers. What an absolute privilege. The temperature hovered around 30°C during the day and was perfectly cool for sleeping in the evenings. Although the goal of the trip was to catch Chinook salmon on the Skeena, my photographic highlight ended up being …

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Tchesinkut Lake, BC last, night, just before dark. I love evenings that turn blue. Beautiful. Well to me anyway.
Blue Tchesinkut

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Golden Nechako

Another great stop at the Nechako River this morning. I'll admit that my ears still hurt a bit. It is stupid cold right now. The temperature was -34℃ when I took this shot. So worth it though. I've doubled back to this spot two times now. Each time the light was better than when I first wanted to stop.

Golden Nechako 3|52

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